Jenny McCarthy

The idea of creating Hairstyles 2011 was based on the fact the vast majority of women and a lower percentage of men want fashionable styles. Are you one of them? A survey of young women in 2010 showed over fifty percent said they rate the importance of getting trendy haircut 10 on a scale of 1 to 10.

That may seem like a high percentage, but most of us starting in high school have felt peer pressure to wear clothes or have hair that is currently hot or hip. Even when there was no pressure we want and enjoy something new. It’s so easy to get bored with your hair especially when you are young.

Those who place slightly less importance on the most recent hairstyles would still choose their next cut from among this year’s selection instead of last year’s if given the choice. So this website connects you to the most popular styles.

One of the best ways to stay informed is the internet. You could look to hairstyles magazines as a source of ideas, but none of the major mags have significant sites. Searching online is free when you already have internet access to websites like this one.

The focus here is new celebrity hairstyles which we have not seen before, not just old celebrities with their same old styles. But you will also get to see stars who got a cut which is new for them, but was already seen previously on another star. Celebrities copy other actresses, too. (Some share the same hairdresser.)

The emphasis is on casual, everyday looks, but the reality is most often today famous men and women are photographed at evening events like movie premieres. So in new photos they have formal hairstyles. Of course some formal looks are are not suitable for only one time; they are as good for the day as the night.

In order for the site to be ready for 2011 and found in search engines, it had to be started before the new year. It could not be an empty site, so the pages you see are filled with haircuts from 2010, and, where possible, late ’10. Although these aren’t technically ’11 styles, if the celebrities don’t get another design in the next few months, they will be 2011 hairstyles. After all, the time between visits to the salon for many women is six months or longer, especially if they have long hairstyles.

Women who have short cuts now are even more likely to have short hairstyles in 2011, simply because their hair won’t grow fast enough in a few months to let them have long or even medium styles without extensions. Additionally, they are still more likely to be relevant because short cuts allow fewer styling options. So you can be quite confident in making choices from the current selection here and not having to wait till the new year.

Medium hairstyles you can expect will be as popular as ever. This will be due in part to women who had short trendy bobs growing them out. Victoria Beckham, who started the big bob trend, at least, has been letting her grow longer. She could eventually set a serious medium-length hairstyles trend if her stylist has another original idea.

As soon as pictures of hairstyles taken in 2011 become available they will be added here. Each page now starts with three pictures, for a total of over 40, but will be developed with new haircuts in the weeks and months to follow. As soon as they are downloaded from the photographer’s camera and uploaded onto the internet, you can get them.

The menu of links above on the left are the sections of the site where you could find your next hairstyle. Even though there are age markers (girls and women, for example), you might still find something relevant in both if you are a teenager. Browse around and see what you like. There are lots of great ideas.