Bangs Hairstyles Long Hair – Medium – Gallery of New Pictures

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne had a makeover which changed her straight brown hair to curly red hair, but kept her bangs. Wow! The teen prodigy now looks stunning and several years older. Her bangs are long–down to her eyelashes–but they are broken up to look nice and natural. They are a little bit chunky but fan out in all directions nicely. Grade: A+

Suzanne Rogers

Suzanne Rogers is a mature Emmy Award-winning American dramatic actress. She is in her mid-60s, so she saw all the big styles of 1980s, and still likes the drama. The color is stronger now than it was; it may be a bit extreme to have a dramatic haircolor with a bold hairstyle, but she has the outgoing personality to make it work. Grade: B+

Halle Berry

Halle Berry with bangs. This was the shiny new wig in a beautiful shade of brown which the black star had a few years ago. It’s one way to get instant bangs if yours are too short or you want to experiment with a new look in 2011. Her fringe is long and parted in the center in the pretty way, but completely full everywhere else. Grade: B