Black Hairstyles Gallery – Pictures for Women

Eva Pigford

Eva Pigford makes a big splash after a serious makeover with a very short hairstyle that is a step up from a buzzcut. Throw in some blonde haircolor, a unique neutral lipcolor, large hoop earrings, and this diva is the guaranteed focal point of any public event. There’s just enough hair at the top of Eva’s forehead that is longer than everything else to get a little wave, soften her cut, and make it hot. That fine detail keeps her from looking as if she’s ready to join the Army. Are black hairstyles good when they go blonde? It’s alright once in a while. Grade: A-

Rashan Ali

Rashan Ali offers an example of one of the perfect modern short black hairstyles. She has the slightly jagged fringe after a subtle side parting set at a very sharp angle. It is neat, fun, hip, and super easy to style every day. It’s wash-and-go perfection. Works all day and for a night out. It’s the best low-maintenance solution for busy students and urban professionals. Grade: B+

Nicole Ari Parker

Nicole Ari Parker’s new very short haircut is a big change. But we know that she is not the most conservative black celebrity out there. Over the years she has demonstrated she is up for dramatic makeovers. Nicole likes to mix it up. This new one with a spiky profile has great thick texture which is uneven and intriguing. The flips at the top are consistent with the rest of it and bigger than average. The sides are very short like other fashionable black hairstyles, making Nicole’s cut trendy but different. Everything about it looks good; so you know everybody will asking her, “Who did your hair?” Grade: A