Formal Hairstyles – Long – Short – Celebrity Pictures

Katie Cassidy

Katie Cassidy is the picture of youthful prom glamour. Her hair and formal makeup are perfect. Set against her played-up pretty eyes and non-intense red lips, Katie has a tight updo with dramatic height and a distinct band which completely wraps around the base of her updo. The up section is elegant and neat; it is set to a width which matches the width of her head. Grade: A

Carissa Capobianco

Carissa Capobianco has the perfect romantic evening hairstyle to go with her cute strapless red evening dress. It’s a classic modern formal hairstyle. It looks more feminine than similar styles because of the soft waves closest to her forehead on both sides. Some of the texture looks teased and is borderline messy, but in any event she looks so cute! Grade: A+

Anna Trebunskaya

Anna Trebunskaya is the diminutive Russian dancer with a big personality we have seen regularly on Dancing With The Stars. Hardly the “depressive, negative Russian” she once joked women from her motherland can be, is she? The glamorous star is sometimes a brunette but here she has flaming red tresses styled in the 1940s fashion of Rita Hayworth, the most famous redhead.


Do you also have the nerve and sass to show up at formal with hair this color? Grade: A-