Mature Women – Short – Fine Hair – Over 40

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is a hair model for unique and classic layered hairstyles. This one is the simple kind, because it’s a basic straight hairstyle with lots of sections cut symmetrically to different lengths. Many if not most American women have tried it once, just like her Rachel cut, and they were still getting it last year. It seems to never go out of style. Her haircolor, however, seems a bit dull, to be perfectly honest, and her roots are showing. She could do with a touch up, but we still love her. Grade: A-

Carolyn Hennesy

Carolyn Hennesy poses at a private photoshoot. Her base color is a very dark red but she has a lighter and brighter red section on one side. It’s a short hairstyle for a mature woman with an unusual, funky, assymetrical fringe that is partly raised. It seems a bit extreme and her bangs poorly planned by a rushed hairdresser. Grade: C+

Cristina Perez"

Cristina Perez has mid-length piecey curls with long sweeping section over her right cheek. Volume is usually a good idea, but this looks a little too large for her head size and perhaps also her age. A change in color betrays the use of extensions from about ear-level down to her shoulders. Slightly more teased pieces to remove some of the sharp definition could fix that. It’s a nice shade of blonde even though it’s not a perfect match for her skin tone. Grade: C